Glue Composition & Patch Testing

Glue Composition

Polyacrylate (50-51%), Deionized Water (48-49%), Emulsifying Agent (1.5%), Ammonium Sulfate (less than 0.03%)

The glue should only be used for the purposes of affixing the eyelashes and is only suitable for use externally.  
The glue contains polyacrylate and ammonium sulfate. Polyacrylate and ammonium sulfate can cause mild skin irritation in some cases. We therefore strongly advise you to carry out patch testing, following the guidelines below, before applying your first lash. If you have any doubts please consult with your own GP or medical consultant before use. Anyone with sensitive skin, on long term medication or skin treatments should also consult GP or medical consultant before using this product.


Patch Testing

There are two methods that we advice for patch testing the eyelash glue to prevent the cause of a reaction.

Method One - Applying glue behind the ear

This method is easy and quick, as you just need to drop a small amount of the eyelash glue behind your ear, on the lower side as this is a very sensitive area. Please allow up to 24 hours to see if any reaction was caused.

Method Two - Applying lashes on the outer corner of each eye

At the outer corner of each eye, up to 3 eyelashes, apply a small amount of glue and allow up to 24 hours to see if any reaction with the skin is caused.


If there is no adverse reaction to the skin after carrying out both methods above after 24 hours, you should be ok to proceed with applying your new lashes with the glue provided.

If accidentally ingested seek medical attention immediately.

Anyone with known allergies of the above ingredients (see glue composition) should avoid use of this product.